The holiday farm “Il Calesse” takes its origin from the farm “F.lli Giuntini”, existing from 1860, and it is located on the green hills of Montalbano region, in Tuscany.
The estate and the farmhouse have been totally restructured to be able to accomodate guests and to offer them genuine and relaxing holidays.
The farm is composed of woods, olive-groves, vineyards,, and it produces olive oil, wine and lumber.
And for moments of relaxation we offer the swimming pool among the olive trees and the possibility of walking on the farm.

Solar energy
The guests comfort is assured by the sun and its heat: the solar panels, in fact, produce warm water used both for the heating and for the water supply. As in past times, even nowadays nature offers us the well-being that we need, without spoiling the environment and making use of higher quality technologies.

Materials recovery
The farmhouse restructuring has accurately followed ecologic principles, through the use of local materials and the recovery of the material to be demolited.

The discharge water carrying off takes place through a phytodepuration basin, where the plants roots contribute to the depuration.

Rain-water recovery
In order to save water a recovery system has been built: the rain water is collected in a tank and used for garden and orchard irrigation.

PV panels
To produce electricity, we realized photovoltaic panels, generating 3,5 Kwh. So that every time we use electricity, it derives also from solar light, not only from oil.

Agriturismo Il Calesse

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